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Client Specialties

Family Medicine / Internal Medicine / Pediatric Medicine / Neonatal Center / Gynecology / Endocrinology / Foot and Ankle / Audiology / Mental Health

"simply the best medical billing"


  • Daily billing ( Electronic and HCFA) for primary and secondary insurance and patient

  • Patient statements including postage and self addressed envelope

  • EOB (explanation of benefits) analysis

  • 800 telephone lines for Customer Service (English, Spanish, Korean)

  • System Updates

  • NO Charge for Refiles

  • NO Charge for Unpaid Claims


  • Patient statements including postage and self addressed envelope

  • Reporting and reconciliation (Insurance Aging, Patient Aging, Payment Log, Deposit Reconciliation, Special Reports, etc.)

  • Banking of payments received in HTI office

  • Collection notice (1)

  • System Updates

What we do is receivables management. Others may dabble in staffing, debt collection, HR management and even answering service. Our focus and mission is to provide quality billing and collection for sole providers and small groups so that health care providers can concentrate on providing patient care and not worry about billing. This combination of excellence is a key to a successful practice.